28th March 2014

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28th March 2014

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As much as I love San Diego, I am so mesmerized by places like these.


Alex May | Vance Creek Bridge

13th March 2014

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I finally had a bit of time to relax and so had fun drawing flowers all over my arm. I actually really liked how it came out haha. And then I bought this new beanie at library walk. It says “LA HOLLA”, which is totally hilarious and awesome. I love this place. 

12th December 2013

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The different phases of [my] finals week…

1) 5 days prior: fucking around on while getting a few problems done here and there… but not really

2) 3 days prior: fucking around some more while actually getting a few things done here and there.

3) day before final: Learned pretty much all of the class material. But actually it doesn’t matter… since I can’t feel anything in my face/head. Plus I can’t get my ass off this chair since it literally hurts to stand up. AKA, I’m going to be here for the rest of my life. Whatevs.


8th September 2013

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I thought giraffes were herbivores..


I thought giraffes were herbivores..

23rd August 2013

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finally. i always felt like an old maid or something for thinking that [smart] phones were taking away from the human experience. but this is exactly what i mean. there’s nothing wrong with having a [smart]phone, it’s just that it’s important to know when or where to use it. same goes for an ordinary cellphone too. people miss out on so much that’s going on in the here and now. it’s just sad.



A New Perspective of the Day: This is What Hanging Out Looks Like in 2013

Check out “I Forgot My Phone,” a short film that paints a bleak and eerily accurate picture of what hanging out with friends actually looks like in today’s mobile age.

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21st August 2013

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one of the best parts of being back in the US?


18th August 2013


At London Heathrow, (AKA the world’s most posh airport… pictures to come) and my flight is leaving soon so I thought I would just do one last (very) quick reflection before I fly.

But basically excited to go home, nervous to be flying, and sad to be leaving. But most of all extremely thankful to have been able to experience all that I have since coming here :)

Until next time!


16th August 2013

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I just remembered that some dude licked my face last night. What the actual fuck.

13th August 2013

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